Thursday, 24 December 2009

Let's See the Christmas Lights in London!

If you want to see the Christmas lights in London, don't miss this opportunity. Get in my car and I'll give you a lift from Piccadilly Circus to Marble Arc. Meanwhile we'll listen to a song we can sing quite well, can't we? By the way, don't panic! Remember people drive on the left here!

My Best Wishes for You All!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

We would all be very happy is war was in fact over all over the world. However, there are many things we can do everyday to make the lives of the people around us easier, can't we. Now we can listen to this song by John Lennon, sing the karaoke version and think about the lyrics.

Jingle Bell Rock

If you feel like singing today, here goes this Jingle Bell Rock. Pay attention to the lyrics and then sing the karaoke version!

Do They Know it's Christmas?

Band Aid is a British charity that calls artists to record a Christmas single. Do They Know It's Christmas Time at All? is a song written in 1984 to raise money for the relief of famine in Ethiopia in 1984 and 1985. Many famous singers contributed with their voices. Although the song is almost 25 years old, I think the message is still valid. What do you think?

Here are the lyrics for you to think about the content:

All I Want for Christmas . . . is You!

Do you want a lot for Christmas? Well, here is a song that perhaps will help you be merry and happy . . .

And here goes the karaoke version for the artists!

Last Christmas

Tomorrow we'll celebrate Christmas in our English class. Among other things we'll review verb tenses by singing Last Christmas by Wham. Here is the song with the lyrics for you to rehearse before singing the karaoke version below.

Enjoy yourselves!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christmas is coming!

Everybody knows Christmas is coming very soon. Here you will find lots of materials and activities to learn and review both Christmas content and vocabulary. I hope you also have fun with it.

To begin with, you can read and listen to a story about Christmas Day by clicking here. Is Christmas Day a special day in your life, too? What do you do at home to celebrate it? Is there any other special day in your life? What do you usually do on this day? Don't forget to post a comment answering these questions!

Moreover, you can find out more about Christmas customs and traditions in England with this online game and you can review some vocabulary with this card game where you just have to turn over pairs of cards and match words and pictures.

If you need something more challenging and international, this is an online quiz to play either in pairs or on your own, don't miss it! You'll learn how Christmas is celebrated all over the world.

As you know, one of the main characters of this time of the year in England is Santa Claus. Here is a funny song about him. Do you like it? Well, you can always play this game with . . . or against Santa!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Past Simple

As you know, these days we have been learning the form and use of the past simple tense in English. In this site you'll find an interesting explanation of it, with links to activities. If you think you need to review the past form of verb 'to be', click here or here.

Still difficult? Well, you can always have a look at this website and read the explanation in Spanish!