Monday, 31 May 2010

Have to

As you know, we have learnt how to use have to to express obligation and don't have to to refer to lack of obligation. Here you have another explanation with interesting activities for you to practise.

Let's Review Conditional Sentences

We shouldn't have any problem using conditional sentences (type 1). In case you need further practice or clarification, you can visit this website and read the explanations and do some activities. Remember we have just seen Type 1 Conditional Sentences. There are another two types, in case you want to go into further details. I hope it helps!

Let's Visit Devon Island!

As you know, these days we have been reading about the project The Mars Society is developing on Devon Island, which according to scientists have many things in common with Mars. Here you can learn more things about this society, the island and the planet. Moreover, you can also enjoy this video and see that they are in fact really similar!
Would you like to be a volunteer for the project?

Monday, 24 May 2010

Forms for the Future

Lately we have learnt about the three different forms English has to refer to future time: be going to, Present Continuous and 'will'.

For an explanation and activities on be going to, click here.

Remember that we use Present Continuous to talk about totally planned activities. You can review it here.

But we can also refer to the future using the modal auxiliary verb will.
You can click here for further explanation on this topic. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to do some more activities. I hope it helps!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

In the Future . . .

As you know, these days we are learning how to make instant decisions and future predictions with will. Here you can see a video and listen to a song Mariló has chosen for you to work with.

A new final act for Romeo and Juliet by such talented actors!

Last Tuesday we enjoyed a new final act of Romeo and Juliet, written and performed by a great company of actors. Here you can see the video. Congratulations! You did a good job!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Students' Posters on Shakespeare and Elizabethan Period

Last Friday all the students made a presentation of the posters they had designed. As you know, this was one of the activities in the WebQuest they have been doing for a couple of weeks. The posters are hung on the school walls but here you can also see them!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Shakespeare in Love

Last Tuesday we saw the film titled Shakespeare in Love. It gave us a great opportunity to see the main aspects of the Elizabethan period: people, streets, theatres, performances, etc.

I include below the worksheet we used before watching the film, which includes a plot synopsis.

Did you like the film? Why? Please send a comment giving your opinion.

Shakespeare in Love

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Today we enjoyed Superlosers, the adapted play we attended. You were a wonderful audience and I think everybody had a really good time. Congratulations!

Here is the worksheet we used to introduce the play and sum up the plot:

Super Losers
And here you can have a look at some pictures: